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Our mission: to show how interesting and important the surrounding world is to us and to cultivate a respectful attitude towards nature
In the summer of 2011 a group of ecologists in Irkutsk saw the positive experiences of their Russian and international colleagues and launched their own educational project - the Ecocenter. In 2014 the "Baikal Interactive Ecological Center" was officially registered.

The principles of Environmental consciousness and interactivity inherent in the organization's title reflect the foundation of the center's activities.

Our space is filled with functional exhibits. Here you can generate electricity, see how a mini solar power plant is constructed, measure levels of energy and heat consumption, make a solar oven and learn about other environmentally friendly technologies.

Our game library contains more than 30 educational board games about local history, biology and ecology. Among them, "Sort It", "Life Without Waste", "Traveling around Lake Baikal" and "Eco-footprint of a Good" are our own creations.

At master-classes in the Ecocenter workshop, children and adults create handmade paper and learn how to use recycled materials to create new things.

We take part in city events such as "Baikal Day", "Brighter Together" energy saving festival, "Informal Education Week", "Man and Nature" film festival; we go to ecological summer camps for children; We hold events together with our partners: I.I. Molchanov-Sibirsky Library, I.P. Utkina Library, FSBI "Baikal Preserved Lands", Siberian Interpretation Association, Irkutsk Planetarium "Noosphere", and others.

Event attendance statistics:

2014 - 103 people
2015 - 173 people
2016 - 708 people
2017 - 1,499 people
2018 - 1,159 people
2019 - 2,085 people
Our activities:
  • What is the Ecocenter to you?
  • What is your favorite activity?
  • What do you dream about?
So that you can get to know more about us, each of us answered these questions

Director and Chief Idea Generator
The Ecocenter is a space for my (and not only my) ideas, freedom for creativity, children's laughter, second home.
My favorite thing is to fantasize and play games.
My dream is to see a giraffe in the wild.

Social Media Captain and Lady of Texts
The Ecocenter is a place where ideas become reality.
My favorite thing is to walk and create comfort.
My dream is to travel the world.

Master-Experimenter in the Creation of Paper
The Ecocenter is an opportunity to better understand ourselves, the people around us and the world in which we all live.
My favorite thing is to experiment--in the garden and in the workshop, at work and at home.
My dream is to visit a factory that makes paper using medieval technology.

Master of all Typographic Trades
The Ecocenter is a place where you can have fun and play, where you can always have tea, eat vegan food and meet like-minded people.
My favorite thing is to create.
My dream is to visit all the natural reserves of Russia.

Irreplaceable Artist
The Ecocenter is a place where any person can find something interesting to them.
My favorite thing is to create interesting and beautiful things with my own hands.
My dream is to find my place in life and my people.
For all questions, please contact us at:

Phone: 8 (395) 252-5870,
8-914-908-7415 Anna,
8-914-870-1484 Eugene,
8-999-643-9416 Maxim
Email - [email protected]
Instagram - @ecocenter_irk
VKontakte -

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