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International Partnership

for Sustainable Development
Since 1977, Middlebury College has organized internships in Russia for international students studying the Russian language. Since 2018, a sustainable development program has been added to the Russian language curriculum, after similar programs were launched in China, Chile and Japan. More details can be found here.
Middlebury College
Organizing party of the Global Partnership in sustainable development
Иркутский Государственный университет
Students participate in joint eco-projects together with international students
Некоммерческая организация
The organization's specialists conduct online lectures for program participants on the fundamentals of informal environmental education
National Park and Reserve staff support the creation of outreach materials
Байкальский интерактивный экологический центр
Eco-center specialists deliver a training course for Middlebury College students and oversee students' environmental projects
Our goals
To build a long-term partnership between Middlebury College, Irkutsk State University, Baikal Interactive Environmental Center and other organizations interested in the sustainable development of the Baikal region
To develop joint projects between Russian and international students in the field of ecology and education
To pilot new methodological developments with different age groups of schoolchildren in the Baikal region
To improve language skills and intercultural understanding between the participating countries
What we do
Training Course
The course "Environmental Problems and the Non-Profit Sector of the Baikal Region" is available to international students in the Middlebury College language program
Joint Projects
Russian and international students construct group projects for integrated research in the sphere of sustainable development
Departures to Baikal
Students visit the coast of Lake Baikal where they evaluate the environmental conditions and become acquainted with the landscape
Testing of methodological developments
We develop strategies for environmental education and conduct interactive classes with students
Our Team
Ilya Ipatov, Irkutsk
Foreign Students Supervisor
Anna Ogorondikova, Irkutsk
Eco-center Director
Maxim Vorontsov, Irkutsk
Eco-center Member of Staff
Svetlana Kuklina, Irkutsk
Senior Lecturer of the Department of Pedology and Land Resources Assessment, ISU
Sviatoslav Pantyukhov, Irkutsk
Methodologist of the Department of Environmental Education
FSBI "The Protected Baikal Region"
Jack Bjorn, USA
Director of the Office of Sustainability Integration at Middlebury College
Middlebury College Sustainability Integration Director
Students -- participants from the last semester
Georgina Stally-McCallister
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Cameron Berton
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Shawn Govard
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Anna Blallock
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Ben Cooper
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Jessica Raid
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Joseph Novak
Middlebury College student, Spring 2019
Katherine Vanini
Middlebury College student, Fall 2018
Daphne Leterer
Middlebury College student, Fall 2018
Iuimin Lee
Middlebury College student, Fall 2018
Emma Kayzla
Middlebury College student, Fall 2018
Connect with us if you have ideas or questions!
664017, Russia, Irkutsk, Lermontov Street, 140, BIEC Office
Email: [email protected]
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